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hello all, I have some questions related to memory management in a microblaze system.I am collecting some data which get from uart into a bram on the opb bus.I have used a pointer in my code to do this.I want a section of bram in which i can write this data.In other words a section of memeory starting from a particular addr. and size of say 32kb.I dont want any other data to be written in this space.I am not sure of what changes i am supposed to make in my linker script.Should i increase the size of my heap?How do i make sure that the starting addr i.e the addr. to which my pointer is initialized is into a safe space so that no other data overwrites or comes in between.?? Please share some info. abt this. I am having tough time with this prob. thanx.

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From a hardware pointview, you can disable write access to the bram_block. Ofcourse, this presumes that you have initialized your memories with data2mem.

Essentially making your RAM a ROM. Assign the WEN port to GND.

BEGIN bram_block PARAMETER INSTANCE = bram1 PARAMETER HW_VER = 1.00.a PORT BRAM_WEN_A = net_gnd PORT BRAM_WEN_B = net_gnd BUS_INTERFACE PORTA = opb_porta END wrote:

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