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hi, I am trying to figure out how i can send data to the microblaze from outside the FPGA board.I thought if i can print something on the hyperterminal using printf,i should be able too read something from the hyperterminal using scanf?i wanted to try this out..but i am not able to compile my code.I have written a small code :

****************************************************************** #include "xparameters.h" #include "xbasic_types.h"

Xuint32 input;

main() { xil_printf("input data /n/r"); scanf("%d", input); xil_printf("inputted data was= %d/n/r",input); while(1); }

******************************************************************* When i compile this code,i get the following error **************************************************************** mb-ld: region ilmb_cntlr is full (microblaze_0/code/executable.elf section .bss_stack) mb-ld: region ilmb_cntlr is full (microblaze_0/code/executable.elf section .bss_stack) make: *** [microblaze_0/code/executable.elf] Error 1 Done

I have 64KB of local memory.Any idea why am i getting this error? Does anyone know any better way of inputting data to the fpga? thanx.

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Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, "Hardware in the Loop" might be useful to you:

formatting link
formatting link

Never used it myself, but thought I'd mention it anyhow...


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