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Hi, I need help for solving the following problem.I am trying to connect to ML461 JTAG port from PC parallel port by using XILINX parallel cable through chipscope.But it couldn't connect properly.It gives the following error.

ERROR: Socket Open Failed. localhost/ localhost java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect ERROR: Failed to open Xilinx Parallel Cable. See message(s) above.

And the same cable setup works properly with the another same board.

I really appreciate your help.



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snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com schrieb:

Hi Ramesh, and if you try to connect through impact. Does this work? If so, check the configuration for ChipScope.

However I'am not shure if the parallel port POT is still fully supported. You may have a chance to test the USB JTAG Pot ...

Cheers Marc

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Markus Meng

One thing to check is that Impact is not open when using Chipscope. I have seen cases of Impact affecting chipscope operation.

John Adair Enterpo> Hi,

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John Adair

yes i had the same problems ... and yes [Markus Meng] the parallel pod is still supported (i still use it) ... maybe something to do with the IO settings of the parallel port (ECP/EPP...) i had to change this one in the beginning ...

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Hi all, Thanks for your help.I got the problem with software.I just uninstalled chipscope and installed again.Then it worked out. But when i am doing boundary scan with JTAG or iMPACT,it couldn't identify the one of the devices on the ML461 baord.We have four Xilinx FPGAs(xc4vlx25) on ML461 and one SystemACE.But it identifies only last three FPGAs and it couldn't identify the SystemACE and first FPGA properly.Due to this it is also showing the number of devices on the board are more than four,different number at different times.I don't know what is the problem with this.If we exclude this first FPGA from boundary scan chain,then it detects the other three FPGAs properly.This first FPGA is giving problem in the boundary scan chain.



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Ditto for EDK. My experience is that you can only use JTAG for 1 thing at a time (when using Xilinx applications).


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Trevor Coolidge

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