I am trying to use Xilinx chipscope, but it is not working properly (probably mishandling by the user...). Perhaps somebody can give me some light...

I used core inserter, and I have a ICON and a ILA core. I want to monitor a SPI bus in a 2VP2 device, that has 12 RAM blocks available. I defined a 1 trigger port with width 1, set with the sclk (that should be around 10MHz). And I have a 40 data width bus where I try to see many data signals.

I can go to the point where I generate the programming file (bit file). Startup clock is set to JTAGclk, keep hierarchy is set to YES. I also generate (just in case) the mcs file and load my 18V04 EEPROM. I recicle power and then I click in the Analyze Design Using Chipscope. After opening the JTAG Chain (XILINX Parallel IV cable), it says that it found 1 core unit in the JTAG device Chain. But if I press the "trigger now" button, it does not give me the status of the lines. It enters a mode where it says"siting for core to be armed." and stays there forever. Am I setting the trigger in a wrong way?

We are talking about versions 7.1 os ISE and chipscope pro.

I would appreciate any input!

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Roberto schrieb:


Did you Configure the Trigger? Think of ChipScope as a Scope. If you do it similar, it will work

Cheers Marc

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Markus Meng

just press the immediate sample/trigger button if you do not want to trigger for an event but just see the 'current' signal values ...

OR setup the right triggers like Markus Meng said

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Yeah, the core is not getting a clock signal. You stated that you connected SCLK to the trigger port of ChipScope. Is that really what you meant? If so, you never stated what the CLK port of chipScope is connected to, if anything.

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Usually if ChipScope doesn't respond to "trigger now" that means that the ILA core is getting no clock input.


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Kevin Neilson

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