ISE 9.1i - Process Map Fail without any Error messages

I am using ISE 9.1i. I am getting an error in the Map process which says " Process MAP Fail" without showing any errors. There happens to be bug which was solved in 8.2i Service Pack 1, but still I am facing this bug. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance. Naveen

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Do any of your file names or directory paths used have spaces in their names? If so, move to where the are no spaces. As silly and annoying as this sounds, it's still showing up in too much EDA software.

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Hence.. John_H ! :-)

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[rant on]

Spaces in folder (directory) names has been a sore point with me since introduced to Windows NT. I fail to see the advantage of this in general, and it is cumbersome when dealing with any programs at a command line level. All of this would be O.K. if we weren't *forced* to use spaces by the standard installation names in Windows (at least the English language version) like "Program Files" and my least favorite "Documents and Settings". So if you need to type commands and hate quoting everything, forget installing programs in the standard place and forget placing any items on your desktop or "My Documents".

That the work-arounds to this annoyance are still missing in a lot of EDA software just points to the fact that much of this software was not developed on Windows in the first place.

[rant off]

Cheers, Gabor

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