Error message in Mapping while using Xilinx ISE 6.1.03i

Hello, I have a new project which I created in Xilinx ISE 6.1 which accepts an edif top-level module type on virtex-II device family, xc2v6000 Device, ff1517 package, speed grade -4. The edif file is generated using SynplifyPro software. The first step to translate the edif file works fine and generates no error messages. But, when I go to the next step and I do the mapping, I get the following error:

Started process "Map".

Using target part "2v6000ff1517-4". FATAL_ERROR:DeviceResourceModel:basnpdevice.c:620:1.23 - bad nph file Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at

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ERROR: MAP failed Process "Map" did not complete.

Mapping Module fp_mul . . . MAP command line: map -intstyle ise -p xc2v6000-ff1517-4 -cm area -pr b -k 4 -c 100 -tx off -o fp_mul_map.ncd fp_mul.ngd fp_mul.pcf Mapping Module fp_mul: failed

Can anyone please give me an insight on what the problem can be. I suspect there is a problem with ISE installation. Thanks and Regards, Sachin Gandhi

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