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hi all

currently I need to analize the FPGA configuration file....(for example, recent Xilinx or Altera device) it is organized...

Could anybody point me out to the reference....or material

thanks in advance

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I know for a fact that Xilinx's "Virtex-II Platform FPGA User Guide" (UG002, not to be confused with the datasheet, which is DS031) contains a good amount of detail on that device's configuration in the Configuration->Configuration Details section, and I suppose that the guides for their other devices have the same type of info. Also look for xapp151, which covers the Virtex family configuration architecture, which is similar to the Virtex-II, Spartan-II and Spartan-III architectures. Unfortunately (for the curious and anal amongst us ;), some of the details haven't been made public (or hadn't when I last looked at this stuff), I suppose for IP protection reasons. I don't know about Altera devices, sorry.


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Hi, Additionally to the above mentioned xapp138 might be useful. The information you find there apply to virtex. Some are the same for virtex-II - some not. good luck finding out which... One important observation i did: Frame addressing seems to have changed... To what? - I haven't found out exactly until now... If you've made familiar with the command syntax, jBits might be helpful to see how your bitstreams configure the device. You will find a helpful method called bitstreamToString() which retranslates your .bit file to the xilinx command syntax. jBits also offers methods to manually manipulate your bitstreams (be careful with these!).

Again, good luck and much fun Simon

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Hi all,

There are documentation plans to update XAPP138 information for V2/2P in the userguide and Spartan3 in an xapp. You can also derive this information yourself as well if it is needed urgently. Please contact the Xilinx hotline support for help.

Regards, Wei Xil> PO Laprise wrote:

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