Virtex 4 configuration frames


We have the following questions related to Virtex 4 configuration frames:

a). What is the shape and size of a frame in Virtex 4 device? In Virtex

2, each frame is contained in one vertical column of the device. But we could not find any information related to the shape of frame in Virtex 4.

b). How many CLBs does one frame include or vice versa?

c). In one datasheet, it is written that Virtex 4 is a tile based device. Does it mean that each configuration frame is completely contained in one tile? If yes, how many frames/CLBs does one tile contain?

d). Can we use the Xilinx JBits SDK to configure a Virtex 4 frame? The documentation for JBits 3.0 does not refer to Virtex 4 and only seems to support Virtex 2. If it doesn't support Virtex 4, what is the equivalent toolkit for Virtex 4 devices?

Please do help as we could not find information related to this in Xilinx website or in newsgroups.

Thanks in advance, Love Singhal

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Love Singhal
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I can answer some of your questions. The user guide (available from should have more info.

A height of 16 CLB (4 BRAM, 4 DSP48, 32 single IO) Constitutes a section of 41 * (32 bit) words = 1312 bits = 1 frame. The frames thus do not run the entire column as in V2. Each block CLB*16/BRAM*4 etc does ofcourse need a slightly different number of frames to program it.

It takes ~22-23 frames to program 16 CLB's or 4 BRAM's.

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- Vic

Love S> Hi,

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Vic Vadi

Hi, Thanks for the info, that pretty much answers most of the questions. We still could not find whether we can use JBits in Virtex4. I guess I will try this out and see if it works.


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Love Singhal

I have got compact flash to configure virtex4 on ml403 board. When I want to use it for my systemACE file to be downloaded its not working but it works nicely whne I configure the device with demo ACE files which i got along with board. can anyone help me out to use CF for configuration.

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