Inferring a Xilinx FIFO

I was just shown how to infer a Xilinx BRAM with a constant array. I used a counter to address it. Is there anyway to infer a FIFO so that the internal counters of the FIFO are used?


signal i2c_data : i2c_type;

type init_array_type is array(natural range ) of i2c_type;

constant i2c_data_array : init_array_type := ( STOP, START, ONE,ZERO, ACK, START, NOP, REPEAT );

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Brad Smallridge
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You can infer counters and a dpram to construct a fifo. Here's an outline.

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-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

You can use lpm_fifo (single clock FIFO) or lpm_fifo_dc (dual clock fifo). These are fully parameterized standardized functions in the LPM library and they will be portable to different target architectures and you won't have to bother (re)writing code to implement a FIFO.


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