how can I use DCM in paritial reconfiguration design?

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I have a Virtex-II oro Partial Reconfiguration design which contain
several modules such as PPC,PLB.OPB,DCM,DDR and so on.
  The EDK tool automaticly generate the modules and then I add tw
accelerators which  attach to the OPB through the IPIF.I generate th
bitstream in the EDK,and it create the .ngc files,then I modify th
top.vhd file and add the busmacros between the OPB bus and th
accelerators.After that I systhesis the top.vhd file separately.
   And then I begin to implement the modular design.there is an error i
the active implementation phase of the DCM module when I map the
file(map top.ngd):
   ERROR:LIT:144 - Only STATUS0, STATUS1 and STATUS2 can be used in DCM
 "dcm_0/dcm_0/DCM_INST" (output signal=dcm_0/dcm_0/CLK0_BUF).
  how can I solve this problem?

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