Do you know this board?


Could anyone tell me the name and/or where I can find more information about this FPGA Development Board?

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Thanks Rune Christensen

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Rune Christensen
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Text says XC2064-50 so it's probably a very very old board from Xilinx. You will have troubles finding software that supports it and/or people who know anything about that software.

It might be interesting if you collect old boards. Get something more recent if you want to learn about FPGAs.

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DO NOT BUY anything that has xilinx chips older than spartan2! except you want it for personal museum.

Antti PS danfubocca is a very nice ebay seller, he often has used FPGA, so I once obtained a XCV2000E for $49 from him and made wire wrap FPGA development from it :)

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Antti Lukats

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