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I have a kit that I bougfht from RAdio Shack , Here is a link of what I am talking about. (

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I would just like to know what are on the transformers in this kit , There are no part numbers and I need to replace that part.. The only information I have is what is written on the board: Output Transformer 900 8 ----- ------- - ----- - ----- --------- Three legs going in and two out with these numbers on top. Thank you for your help

Ken O

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Looks like a speaker output transformer, 900 ohm (center-tapped) primary and 8 ohm secondary.

Radio Shack used to carry this kind of thing, but you probably have to try for it nowadays.

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William P.N. Smith

I have a 1000 ohm/8 here, not sure if center tapped - have to look - it's been a couple months since I laid eyes on them. Have actually about 3 I believe - NOS. Would probably be a bit expensive to ship to U..K.

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