Anyone Use Qucs ?

Anyone have experience with it ? I got it on a sayso from someone and it is not bothering anything but, is it anything like Spice or LTSpice ? I see i t uses the file extension SCH instead of ASC, both of which were used by W indows. The SCH is for some kind of scheduler which I never use and never w ould anyway. If I don't know where I am I certainly not telling anyone else . :-)

And I have very little idea how to use LTSpice, but even less how to use Qu cs.

It is not big enough to bother getting rid of, but should I just throw the icon off my screen, or give it a try ?

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Am 23.03.2018 um 22:42 schrieb

From what I have heard/seen, use QUCSstudio if you want to give it a try and not the 'old' qucs.

It has ghdl/vhdl, icarus verilog, kicad and octave integrated. qucs itself is a simulator that seems more universal than spice, including the usual stuff and also harmonic balance simulation, nonlinear noise and s-parameters. My personal impression is that this open source project urgently needs man power.

For a beginner, LTspice is probably the easier tool. There are more people you can ask.

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regards, Gerhard

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