Xilinx XPS - OPB - EMC software halts. Someting fishy

Hello there.. Hope that someone would help me. I am using the the OPB_EMC ip to read and write from a flash memory. The problem is that if on the following code "XIo_Out16 (XPAR_OPB_FLASH_CNRTLR_MEM0_BASEADDR + address.long_word, data_word.word)" the variable data_word is 0x400000 or 0x700000 the software halts in that particular line. I got into this conclusion after running in debug mode GDB. As far as I understand the even if no flash memory is connected, under no cirumstences the opb_ems should halt the microblaze processor.

Please note that the rest of the number doesn't matter (the problem occurs even if the Lsbs are different then '0')

Has anyone encounter such a problem??

thanks and best regurds.

BTW - the XPAR_OPB_FLASH_CNRTLR_MEM0_BASEADDR is 0x24000000 and the max addres is 0x25ffffff so the is no address conflict.

Guy Zur

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