Xilinx XPS - OPB - EMC software halts. Someting fishy

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Hello there..
Hope that someone would help me. I am using the the OPB_EMC ip to read
and write from a flash memory.
The problem is that if on the following code "XIo_Out16
the variable data_word is 0x400000 or 0x700000 the software halts in
that particular line. I got into this conclusion after running in debug
mode GDB. As far as I understand the even if no flash memory is
connected, under no cirumstences the opb_ems should halt the microblaze

Please note that the rest of the number doesn't matter (the problem
occurs even if the Lsbs are different then '0')

Has anyone encounter such a problem??

thanks and best regurds.

BTW - the XPAR_OPB_FLASH_CNRTLR_MEM0_BASEADDR  is 0x24000000 and the
max addres is 0x25ffffff so the is no address conflict.

Guy Zur

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