Active HDL and the Case of the Haunted Cursor

Active HDL is really starting to piss me off. I can't understand some of t
he things it does. Now the cursor won't stay where I put it. It keeps mov
ing to the end of the simulation a few seconds after I let go of it, or EVE
I can drag it around as much as I like. It will snap to changes in a signa
l, but at some point it will snap back to the end of the simulation time.
Oh! It's not just the cursor, the view in the waveform window moves to inc
lude the end of the simulation time as well. So I can't zoom in on anythin
g else.
Is Aldec just trying to mess with me because I'm using the FREE version???
I would say the simulation was still running, but the last message in the c
onsole says, "# KERNEL: stopped at time: 4500 ms"
Any ideas?
There might be a way to use Modelsim for this. Not sure if it requires a p
aid for license.
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Might be time to re-install it or clean your simulation directory and start from scratch. Not sure about Active-HDL but for Modelsim there is simple trick of deleting a registry entry which then gives you a clean Modelsim similar to what you get after installation (unless you messed with the installation files).
If your design is not that large and you don't use any Lattice primitives(unless you have RTL source) than you can use the Free Intel Modelsim starter edition.
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Some things to watch out for, for some reason the starter edition is a really old version of Modelsim (no idea why Mentor is doing this as it works against them). The executable line limit is not that easy to determine as Intel primitive libraries are excluded but if you do hit the limit the simulation reduces to 1% of Modelsim PE speed which in effect means it stops working.
I have been using Modelsim since version 5.3 and there is very little I can't do with it. Just make sure you don't use Modelsim projects as it will start to work against you,
Good luck, Hans
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