DE10 Standard Audio Demos not working


I bought the DE10 Standard and am having issues trying to run the demos rel ated to audio.

I am trying to run the two demos, DE10_Standard_Audio, and DE10_Standard_i2 sound, while connecting apple headphones to line out, and 3.5 lavalier micr ophone to mic in, but I am not able to record anything and play it back for the 1st demo, and I don't hear anything when I speak into the microphone f or the second demo either. The microphone and headphones work fine on my la ptop. This is the microphone specifically:

formatting link

I also tried another mic and still to avail :(

I tried another mic as well and still to no avail. I'm so confused, it seem s like it should work.

Can anyone offer any advice at all? I know this may be too general of a que stion, but I can provide any other information needed.


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Nandan Dayal
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It appears that microphone needs the socket to provide power. A quick glance at the DE10 Standard user guide doesn't show any power output on the Mic In port. It would be worth checking the schematic to see if power is actually provided.

Perhaps see if the demo will accept audio via the line-in port, which doesn't need to provide power? That would need to generated from a line-level audio source.


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Hello, Thanks for the response. The demo does accept audio via line-in port, but t hat won't allow a microphone right? It only allows other types of audio sou rces. I specifically want to work with omnidirectional microphones because of a project I'll be undertaking.


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Nandan Dayal

A Line-in port and a microphone port are different. Some microphones need a bit of power, and most microphones are a lot lower signal level than a Line In/Out type signal.

You may need a pre-amp module to up the signal from the microphone to the level the line-in wants.

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ut that won't allow a microphone right? It only allows other types of audio sources. I specifically want to work with omnidirectional microphones beca use of a project I'll be undertaking.

I see. This may be a silly question, but I'm not quite familiar with mic-in vs line-in, so what sort of audio sources would support line-in? I want to be able to try connecting an audio source to line-in to see if I can't use a microphone, at least something works.

Also, is there an easy way to find a pre-amp module to amp up the signal fr om the microphone?

Thanks, Nandan

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Nandan Dayal

Line-In is designed to connect to Line-Outs of pre-amplifiers, one active audio component feeding sound to another. Often a headphone output would work too (not a big speaker output, that may have too strong of a signal).

Most powered audio devices, if not designed just to power big speakers, will have an output usable as a line-out, and is often labeled as such. And as I said, normally a headphone out will be good enough to drive a line-in

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Richard Damon

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