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Hi, My Mass storage class driver (on the host side) has to support the access to "USB flash memory stick device". Do I need to support both "bulk-only" and "control_bulk_interrupt"?

suggestions please.

Thanks in advance. Nagendran V

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It depends upon the particular "USB flash memory stick device" that you are using. This "protocol" information is found in one of the descriptors (device?), which you can examine using an system specific tools while the device is plugged into a PC.

Under Linux, you can use the "lsusb" command to look at the descriptors.

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Michael N. Moran

Is there a similar tool to use under XP?

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Richard Henry

I think there are some windows based tools like CATC USBTracer, HHD USB Monitor e.t.c, but i never used them for this purpose.

regards, srinivas

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