USB mass storage device

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I am looking for code that will allow an embedded device to look like
an USB mass storage device when inserted into a host PC. The embedded
device has an ARM core, the CPU in particular is an Atmel AT91RM9200,
and will be using embedded Linux as its OS.

I have asked Atmel, but they can only provided device drivers for the
USB host.

I have googled for info, but I am not able to get any.

Is anyone else working on anything like this? Any info or pointers?

Thanks in advance.
Tehn Yit Chin

Re: USB mass storage device
You can find some source code for usb device driver @ linux devices.

Mohan (tehn yit chin) wrote in message
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Re: USB mass storage device
Hello from Gregg C Levine
The article is still available. But the site it refers to, is gone. It was
shutdown when
Lineo went away. However the code described might be floating around in the

Naturally I am interested in this from a totally different point of view, that
of using a
USB flash drive similar to the ones available from Staples, and other places.
That of
booting a kernel stored on it. The bootloader would be a part of the BIOS, using
open source one described here, .
Gregg C Levine drwho8 atsign att dot net says...
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Re: USB mass storage device
Hi Tehn,

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Take a look at the instructions for the sharp zaurus here.
If you find the source to those modules, you should be able to implement
the same thing on your linux device:

USB-Storage section on: /


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