USB host for mass storage access


as my subject says, I'm starting to develop USB host for mass storag access. Here are few points which describe my situation:

- I'm a hobbyist, I can't afford to buy an expensive USB stack

- my platform is BlackFin BF531 @ 400 MHz

- I don't want to use any other type of mass storage as a replacement - got the SD and MMC cards running at 1.3 MB/s, now I need to add the US mass storage

- I need only sector access (read/write), no need for FAT support

- I don't want to use the Vinculum (VNC1L) because the sector access i VNC1L is only for debuging purposes and gives me only 120 kB/s speed - think that I can achieve approx. 500 kB/s speed when the USB mass storag would be done in the BF531 (with the USB full-speed device - 12 Mb/s)

- because of the results achieved with VNC1L I don't want to use any othe USB mass storage solution in one chip, so the chips like AT43USB380 don' come in mind

Now... I'm considering the usage of Cypress SL811HS or the NXP ISP1160 The qhole thing should work like this:

  1. chip and USB initialization (the example code for both chips ar available - shouldn't be a problem)

  1. device enumeration

  2. getting configuraion of connected USB devices (end points description max packet sizes, etc.)

>> N steps

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You might see what the story on the BF-52X/BF-54X devices is, as these are supposed to have USB on-the-go built in.

You might check the support in blackfin uclinux for whatever USB device you go with.

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