USB: Mass Storage + RNDIS

Hi !

I implemented an RNDIS interface on my LPC1768, and it works, which is okey.

On the host, users are just required to install an .inf file. However, even if the file is really tiny, it's still trouble, since at some point the file has to be transfered (CD-Rom, USB Key ...).

I was wondering if by some USB miracle I could present my device to the host both as a RNDIS device (which would not be configured on a not-yet-configured computer) and a Mass Storage device (so the user can download the inf). I'm not sure this is do-able, but this would have been cool to implement some kind of /sys on my device.

Another alternative would be to switch modes on the board so it could present different descriptors, but I would rather know if the first method could work.

Thanks, Bertrand

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usb devices can operate in different modes. you could have the preferred mode as RNDIS device and a fallback as usb storage.

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