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Hi, Can you please suggest some good books that can help me start the project of building a single board computer. I want any advice about the general theory before choosing any CPU. Thanks

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jack lalo
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Hi Jack,

Since you don't know about "general theory CPU's " I would suggest you buy a CPU board and try out your ideas before designing your own.

I am sure you would not want to spend the money to do it twice.

Like most people in this group, years of experience can't not be gotten out of a book.

Good Luck.

jack lalo wrote:

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Advice #1: State the problem with sufficient specificity that the solution set is reasonably bounded.

"Single board computer" covers everything from the little 4-bit jobber that sits in the washing machine to 3 GHz P-IV boards with gigabytes of RAM and more peripherals than the average desktop PC.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

The problem is very simple, i want to experiment the design of a simple

16-32bits embedded environnement to get hands-on with all the process.

A simple board with a cheap processor, some memory and enough stuff to embedd a Linux kernel on it.

I saw some project on the web and i wondder if some one can give me some advices about where to start and what to read. I'm at ease with microcontrolers, computer architectur and digital design.

thanks all


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