hello I show picture in axes of gui in my computer and I send the gui file to another computer but now this computer do not show picture because I want to do not send the picture file in second computer,how I show the same picture in this computer with proper code? Thanks

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You want to show your picture on the second computer, but you don't want to send the picture to the second computer? Use the first computer, print it out, then tape it to the second computer's screen.

Alternatively, imagine for a minute that the rest of the world has no clue what you are talking about and try to figure out what you are actually needing help with, and what information people need in order to help you. Then research online resources to see what people talk about in different Usenet groups, online forums, etc. You will then almost certainly realise that comp.arch.embedded is not a good place to look for such help.

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David Brown

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