How much RAM can I embed inside an ASIC design today?

Hello all,

Is it possible to embed 10 or 100 or 1,000 GBytes of RAM inside an ASIC design today?

In general, what would be the maximum I could fit, if cost is not a limitation? Why?

Our need would be for a large number, but could be split into many independent banks if that makes things easier. For example, 1,000 independent banks of 100 MBytes each.

Or another possible partition (again, if it makes things easier) could be a single huge memory with "normal-size" address bus, say of 20 bits, with a huge data bus of 800,000 bits.

..Or a mixture of the idea above with the idea of the independent banks.

Thanks so much for your help.

-- Juan

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I think this was discussed less than six months ago. OK found it:

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Except from a 'Hi', a dot and a dash in the (defective) siglimiter your post is an exact copy of the earlier one. Please re-read the answers there and then come back if you have more questions.

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I believe this homework question has been asked here recently - a google search should help.

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David Brown

My first thought was, I'm sure Vlad will be pleased to help with this one...


John Devereux
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John Devereux

It seems that some university has deadline for homeworks ...


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Tauno Voipio

But he won't come in, has been silent for a while. Come on Vladimir, at least please ping the group so we know you are OK and we can rely on you for that sort of thing when you have the time and are in the right mood for it :D .


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