i find difficulties to write this below code to embedded matlab function..help please

clear all;clc; Pi=pi; F0=0; f_samp=100000; freq=5000; %freq=1/0.0005; vd=295; q=5; condition=0; while condition ~=1 F_out=input('enter the output freq. in Hertz (0 to 120):'); if F_out>120 condition=0; disp ('*** it must be in the range 0 to 120***'); elseif F_out0 v_phase=T_phase*U_1; v_line=T_line*U_1; T5=T5-1; %ch1(t)=U_1(1)*q; else v_phase=T_phase*low; v_line=T_line*low; T6=T6-1; %ch1(t)=low(1)*q; if T6

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Your main difficulty is that you slept through most of your classes - especially the ones about how to write clear, documented and structured code, and the ones about how to ask sensible questions. Try asking your teacher for help - or perhaps talk to your fellow students (the ones that paid attention to lectures and finished their homework on time).

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David Brown

most of original code in post snipped

@ Aimad,

There is a MATLAB newsgroup, comp.soft-sys.matlab but you probably won't get this question answered there unless you express it more clearly. To start with, explain what you mean by "embedded matlab function" - do you mean a MATLAB function or do you mean to use some features of the MATLAB embedded coder ?

If the former then try something simple first, read the excellent MATLAB on line help, Google, etc etc.

Michael Kellett

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