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Has anyone got the Atmel AT91 library for the EB40 complete with
makefiles?  I'm new to this and I've not had too much success building
and running the led_blink_eb40 project.

Many Thanks

Re: EB40 library
    I have them but I'm not really sure what the copywrite issues are. If
you purchace the eb40 the software should have come with it.
    The Atmel projects are made for use with the ARM 1.2 compiler or  Green
Hills compiler. The ARM compiler uses a project system with .mcp files
instead of makefiles. I'm not sure, but I think Green Hills has a
similar system. So if you don't have one of those you will have to

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Re: EB40 library
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And you can download them from www.atmel.com

Best Regards
Ulf at atmel dot com
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