Xilinx WebPACK 8.2.03i + Linux Problem

I downloaded the WebPACK and installed it on a SuSE 10.1 system (I know it isn't technically supported on this) in preparation for my receipt of a Spartan-3E Starter Kit. Everything seemed to go well on the installation. However, when running the tutorial (a simple counter), the behavioral simulation returns the following:

Running Fuse ... Parsing "counter_tbw_beh.prj": 0.01 Building counter_tbw_isim_beh.exe ERROR:Simulator:222 - Generated C++ compilation was unsuccessful

I've looked at the Xilinx Answers Database #23037 and haven't been able to identify any obvious problem in the code. This does not give me a good feeling for success with the Starter Kit.

Has anyone else running Linux been able to complete this tutorial out of the box? Anyone running Linux run into this problem? I have tried it on a company laptop running XP with no problems, but that is not my desired longterm solution.

Thanks, ~Dave~

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