FTDCS 2004 - submission details and extension

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Due to various issues, including a power outage at a critical time, we are
accepting submissions to FTDCS 2004 until Thursday, December 11 until
midnight PST Thursday night. This is a hard deadline and there will be no
further extensions. FTDCS 2004 is the 10th International Workshop on  
Future Trends in Distributed Computing Systems, Suzhou, China, May 26-28,

Submissions can be made via the FTDCS website at

http://www.cercs.gatech.edu/ftdcs2004 /

If you are having problems reaching the submission server or the FTDCS
website, you can try these alternate submission paths:

web submission via:
email submission/questions via:

If you have any questions, please contact the program co-chairs
( snipped-for-privacy@cc.gatech.edu, snipped-for-privacy@tsinghua.edu.cn), myself
( snipped-for-privacy@cc.gatech.edu), or the FTDCS alternate email address
( snipped-for-privacy@mindspring.com).

Thank you.

(Apologies if you receive this announcement multiple times.)

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