Thompson and Yanik propose mass murder--yet again (was: Californication at its worst...)

>Jim Thomps>>>BERKELEY, Calif. ? The Berkeley City Council will consider a

>>>resolution that would declare the Army private suspected of leaking >>>classified information to WikiLeaks a hero and call for his release. >>> >>>The council plans a vote Tuesday on the resolution in support of Pfc. >>>Bradley Manning, who is being held in a military brig in Virginia. A >>>city commission already has approved it. >>> >>>Bob Meola, who authored the resolution, tells the San Francisco >>>Chronicle that Manning is a patriot who deserves a medal. >>> >>>
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>>> >>>I'm going to suggest that Arizona pass a resolution banning any >>>purchases from Californica. >>> >>sounds like Treason to me. giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> >>Sounds like we need a Predator strike on the Berkeley City Council. >> >On the whole Bay Area ;-)

Very grown-up responses, both of you.

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