remote controlled dishwasher???

Hi everybody, I am new in remote control theory and I want to design a remote controlled dishwasher. Which one would be better to use RF or infrared? Also are there any transmitter & receiver circuits that you can recommend to me? Thanks.

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** Well howdy doodee, partner ......

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  • The answer is soooow simple.

First, get yerself a nice Phillipino bride - by mail order, et alia

From time to time issue appropriate verbal instructions to same.

" At least you'll get yer washing done.. "

( many apologies to P. Townshend )

... Phil

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Phil Allison

This is stupid. You have to be there to put the dishes in and most dishwashers have a delay timer. Once the program is started, there is no reason to interrupt it from a distance. The only time you want to stop it is if a utensil prevents the sprayer from turning.

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** Might just be a *troll* - you know.

Like asking someone for a thermo-nuclear hand grenade .....

... Phil

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Phil Allison

Some refridgerators have remote controls.

The ones with TV screens.

You could play"can you hear it now" with the dishwasher.


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