Remote controlled audio potentiometer (OT?)


I would like to change the manual volume potentiometer of my integrated amplifier with a motor-driven potentiometer which must be infrared controlled.

My question is simple...

How do I do that?

I've already chosen the potentiometer, what do I need now? A servo control? And what about the infrared control and reciever?

Do you have any idea about some newsgroup I colud ask in?

Thank You

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Jon G.

I don't think you are aware, but the output of the remote sensor will be a serailized data stream from the remote control. This data stream consists of a series of packets containing information.

Each of the manufactures are using their own structure. Some are crossing each other, due to that there are not an infinate possible number of combinations.

The data stream is feed to a micro-controler that is running an internal software to analyse the incoming data along with all the other things it is controling in the TV set, or whatever it is inside of. In many sets, some of the functions are directly controled by the micro-controler. Its output can be a combination of serial, parallel, or voltage control operations to control other devices in the set.

In the end, it is not a direct simple voltage that is outputed from the IR photo sensor module. You can see this packet information with a scope. It will look like a series of squarewaves. With a digital storage scope, it is possible to capture this data stream, see the parity and checksum bits, and analyse the numeric values that are present, if you have the base knowledge to know what you are

Jerry G. ======

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Jerry G.

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