Remote controlled audio potentiometer (OT?)


I would like to change the manual volume potentiometer of my integrated amplifier with a motor-driven potentiometer which must be infrared controlled.

My question is simple...

How do I do that?

I've already chosen the potentiometer, what do I need now? A servo control? And what about the infrared control and reciever?

Do you have any idea about some newsgroup I colud ask in?

Thank You

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Are you absolutely sure the volume control on your amplifier is a potentiometer? Many new amps use an encoder (noiseless), which essentially uses pulses, which would make an IR remote project somewhat easier. Either way, the project will not be simple. The money & hours spent on designing & machining an IR servo might be better off spent on an amp that comes with a remote. Here's an example project for a realtively simple speaker switch to see what you're getting into;

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You can purchase ready made stuff here;
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Google for "IR remote projects" G'Luck!

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