Dishwasher *praise*!

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I've seen a few rants here about adverse experiences with dishwashers.
Well, this is a good dishwasher experience - Simpson Super Cascade. We
bought this new 16 or 17 years ago, it's been run every 2/3 days and has
never given a moments trouble. Apart from dishes, it's done a few Mini
gearbox cases and a buncha Delcolite gen set parts.

Yesterday it started leaking around the bottom of the door - the door
gasket had finally turned to poo. $16.90 for a new gasket, a bit of
screwdriver work and she's all fixed.

Interesting comments from the guy at the spares place. He said 'They
don't make them like they used to' and when someone asks what they
should buy in the new dishwasher line - 'Get the old one fixed'.

John Mackesy

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