How to get waveforms of simulation in PSpice

Right now I am doing simulation of a particular circuit that I design. I use OrCAD, but I want to get the waveforms such as NCLR, NPRE or the clock off PSpice... How to generate waveforms in a simulation? Thanks Jack

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Jacky Luk
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Attach Voltage Markers from the menu or from the icons at the top of the schematic page to the nodes of the circuit you are interested in. I assume you're using the Capture part of Orcad to draw schematics.

If the defaults aren't changed the program "Probe" will start up after your simulation with those nodes you attached the Markers to displayed in a new window.

Or you can just start "Probe" (from the schematic window menu) and tell it to display particular nodes by choosing "Add Trace" in the Probe Window (Menu).


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