Equivalent semiconductors

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Anyone know an equivelent transistor i can use instead of 2N6109
also an equivalent for IN4001?
please email me direct snipped-for-privacy@tpg.com.au

Re: Equivalent semiconductors

"Warren Thai"
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** The 2N6109  ( PNP 7 amp, 50 volt 40 watt ) is now a very old device.

The MJE15031 is similar or better in all respects.

The popular and cheap MJE2955T may also be a suitable substitute.

No equivalent to the 1N4001 is needed.


You are one lazy SOB aren't you.

......   Phil

Re: Equivalent semiconductors

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The "IN4001" is actually a 1N4001.

- Franc Zabkar
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Re: Equivalent semiconductors

You can generally use a 1N4002, 1N4004, 1N4007 in most cases also, they
simply have a higher PIV (Peak Inverse Voltage) and in most cases you
wouldn't be trying to use it as a Zener diode! The 4001 through 4007
are readily available.

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