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Who was the nong that decided we had to have digital?
I have had numerous small and or portable analogue tv's
all of which worked in some fashion with rabbits ears or coat hangers,
split 300ohm ribbon. These new fangled digital tv's require monster
aerials which are a bit awkward to carry around with a 3 1/2" tv

Re: dtv

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Strange.  For analog I had to use a rooftop fringe antenna - now for
digital I just use a 6 inch 'whip' and all the channels come in just
fine - and I am about 40 or 50 km from the station tower

David - lovin that digital

Re: dtv
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Must be a fluke I have tried the little whip on two different digital
usb tvs all over sydney and outer suburbs and had very little success.
They both work on the house aerial
and the other day I got a 4.5" dtv and tried it with no more success.
(I returned it and got my money back)
I have got a small $15 black and white analogue which works with its own
extension whip

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