initialization steps that I have learned

I have recently learned some initialization mistakes that I have made while programming a TMS470R1B1M and for all the new people who do not have experience (like myself), I would like to share these. Not sure if this applies to this group since it seems people here have a lot of experience, but in any case:

1) Be careful to set the PCR register (defined in the System Module manual) when initializing to make all of the peripherals active. 2) Be careful to initialize the I2C ports by using the I2CDIR and I2CPDIR registers (defined in the I2C module manual). I did this while only using the I2CDIR assuming that the ports would be initialized, but found that the output pits have to be initialized individually. 3) Be sure that the I2C ports use pull up resistors. There was only one sentence in the manuals about this, but I did not read it and had to add the resistors later.

If I come up across more info, or if anyone has questions about these ports, I would be happy to help and give specific examples. I'm not an expert and have not been playing with the micro for a long time, but these are things that I am learning.

Regards, Rudy

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