Re: Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

>> >> Because Aussies are slack. >> If it's not broken - don't fix it. > > That's not being slack. That's being practical. If something is working > fine, why replace it?

And why replace it with Something worse?

> If you've seen the difference for yourself, then I'd be surprised if you >> wouldn't cough up the money for a SD set top box. > > Be surprised. I've seen the difference. I still see no point forking out > money for something that I don't need to fork out money for. I have good > FTA reception and Foxtel. > >> My point is that the technology is vastly superior and when people become >> aware of the improvement they'll take it up. > > For many people there is no improvement. I live 30km from the main local > FTA Tx site and I see no point to Digital at this time. The main benefit I > see is widescreen but for that to be effective I need at least an 82cm > widescreen TV to replace my 68cm 4:3 TV and that's a bit more than just an

For me Digital offers Inferior performance to Analogue TV. I am probably a bit less than 30KM from the Transmitters and receive good clean Picture quality on analogue however the STB (I am now on my Second STB the first had a noticeable delay between Audio and Picture in addition to the other problems) often pixelates, freezes and causes loud short squeals.

I do not own a HD TV nor can I justify the cost at the moment so I do not actually get any benefit from Digital TV unless I was prepared to spend more money.

I am not really sure why I bothered with the STB -except a Friend lent them to me long term (ie they were/are free) and I generally find watching analogue TV a lot less of a nuisance (due to the issues listed above) so I tend to watch Analogue and probably will until the ignorant sods turn it off.

I am starting to get the feeling that where the 80's and 90's may have been about getting Technology to improve performance - ie CD players etc that the push nowadays is for Consumers to accept lower quality goods ie Digital TV, Typical 'Home theater Systems' MP3 Players and Mobile phones.

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"Richard Freeman"

** Get a DSE $135 STB for 7 day approval trial.

If your analogue pic is really OK all the time - then so will the pic from this STB.

** A STB's pic quality looks very ordinary if the RF out is used to feed an old TV. Your 20 year old bomb with no AV inputs is a joke.

( I know Mr Freeman and his TV. )

A STB's pic quality look even worse like if the composite output is connected to a VCR video input so the modulator feeds an old TV - so the STB's signal can be recorded.

** Cos they are both crook STBs - some early ones were.
** First class results are there to be had - but not with a bomb TV and dud boxes.

........... Phil

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