I have dunnit

I have dunnit:

root@raspberrypi:~/compile/pantel/gm_pic2# make gpasm --force-list -w 1 gmp.asm root@raspberrypi:~/compile/pantel/gm_pic2# jppp18pi -e -i gmp.hex -p -Y Loading hex file: Program 16380 bytes at address 0x000000 ID 0 bytes at address 0x200000 Config 14 bytes at address 0x300000 EEPROM 0 bytes at address 0xf00000 Erasing chip. Writing program space. Writing config space. Verifying program space. Verifying config space. Ready.

Finally got the FLASH code memory full for the solar powered GM counter SDcard logger. Added some different frequency alarm beeps using timer1..

4 bytes left :-) Nothing optimized for size. Been test running some nights now (700 datapoints all OK). Wrote a PC program to read and display the data on the cards. The simplest thing....

Sooner or later.. will make a webpage, as there are many files and the circuit diagram is not that simple either. Added speed, heading, and altitude logging too, you never know.

If I think of more things the challenge will be to optimize for code size.

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Jan Panteltje
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Brilliant; well done, Jan. Next job: get your handwriting sorted out, or better yet, find some suitable schematic drawing software. ;)

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Cursitor Doom

On a sunny day (Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:38:39 +0000 (UTC)) it happened Cursitor Doom wrote in :

Why? You could not understand it if it was printed in Bold Gold?

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