Have you ever had an impulse to ?

Like the subject line said.

Have you ever had an impulse to look up some one that you once communicated with on a regular basis via Ham radio for example or other means? This person I speak of moved away after his wife past on, leaving email addresses that are all invalid and 2 active web pages that haven't been touched since then.

This person is a retired gent from the Audio Visual tech area of many years in a college as his last job etc.. He is a W.W.II vet english emigrant that came here just after the war was over. Very nice person, very knowledgeable in the field and nice to talk too. I was able to find an address on him, even though he has seem to do a houdini act. I'm going to attempt to contact him via snail mail, I just hope my mysterious impulse to contact him does not lead to information that I don't want to hear about ..

Oh well, you all have a happy New Year now..

-- "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"

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