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Has bigpond NG gone bung? it times out on my computer but eternal sept

Re: bigpong NG
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No, still works. Might be the local NG server has fallen over for you.
Don't bother ringing customer service, there isn't any.

Re: bigpong NG
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It has been failing on and off for short periods lately but has been off
all day now.

don't talk to me about the service from disgusting bigpong
I have had two periods of loss of service recently, one for a week and
one a few days.The problem is not the line breakdown they were weather
related. the first week problem was exacerbated by telstra sending a non
local team of asian people to work on it in a storm who connected things
wrongly which had to be rectified by the local techs.(found out by a bit
of surreptitious detective work)
The main problem is telstras phone method for customers to get in touch
with them. The first instance cost me over $110 dollars to discuss the
fault because I did not realize that 1300 nos. on a cellular phone was
timed calls and their stupid system kept me hanging on for ever, if it
had been a telstra cell phone they would have wiped cost I found out
later but it was optus. They should have asked my if I was using a cell
phone and rung me back.
The next time the line failed I tried to get telstra on the mobile and
was going to get them to ring back but they said I was on a queue and
would be 9 minutes.
So i drove round looking for technicians in a van which I found after
some detective work to find unmanned exchange and they told me there was
a fault they were going to start work on
The next day I drove fourty klm's to the nearest telstra shop and
reported fault from their phone to save costs on my optus phone.(fuel
costs cheaper than phone calls holding on)

I had loads of problems when I originally signed up with telstra
involving stupid billing stuff ups which I involved the ombudsman in.
The one thing that seem to have happened is that they have stopped their
incessant annoying ring backs asking if I am satisfied with their
service (they now give me one sms to tell me what is happening)

Re: bigpong NG

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I wouldn't touch Telstra or its cronies with a bargepole, but I can't avoid
them in the professional world because my engagers sometimes use them. Had a
case recently that went like this....

We had a connectivity failure at a site that uses a Telstra cellular router.
I called the business support line, and after we'd got a fair way with
working through the problem, the agent put me on hold while he went to check
out some stuff. Music, music, music then a voice said I was in a queue. Then
I was put through to another agent, who asked me what the problem was. I
hung up. Later, I called the line again to try to reengage at the point I'd
left off. I explained the situation to the (new) agent, who asked me whether
I had a ticket number - I hadn't been given one. She then took some details
and asked me to hold, more music, music, music. I didn't wait for the
inevitable queue.

Obvious failures in process.

Re: bigpong NG
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Where I have moved to telstra is the only broadband option so I am stuck.
And for the last day or so bigpong NG wont connect,it seems to be local
because it works for others.
I don't know how to report it as I am sure every indian call centre
person won't know what a news group is.

Re: bigpong NG
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All the telcos are as bad as each other. I have had poor support from
all of them and did the complete loop back to Telstra. I consider Optus
to be worse. The so-called 'technical support' people have no technical
knowledge at all and are completely unhelpful.
I wonder who will maintain the copper network once it is flogged to NBN?
It can only get worse, since it will become a legacy system. I suspect
that NBN will be just as bad though, with no possibility of getting
through to technical support at the network level.

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