MOSFET Equivalent? (IRF510)

Anyone knows what I can replace IRF510 with? I can source IRF520,530 and

540, but just can't source IRF510!
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** The IRF 520 and 530 have better specs than and will replace the IRF510 in most applications.

IRF 510s are available from Farnell in One.

Cat: 354 259

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.......... Phil

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Phil Allison

So no modifications to the circuit will be required when you swap the IRF510 with something else?

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** So you have trouble reading the words I posted ????

For a definite answer - post a link to the schematic.


............... Phil

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Phil Allison

What you said was >> ** The IRF 520 and 530 have better specs than and will replace the IRF510

which would've meant that you weren't too sure yourself, otherwise you would've said "in all applications", and you mention it will replace the IRF510, but many things can replace many things... with modifications, the objective was looking for an equilvalent, ie. direct replacement from other manufacturers, so if you can't help, don't try to help, especially when you do help, and tries to be an asshole while doing it, which surely wouldn't be appreciated! But still have to thank you for the link which located both the MOSFET and the Driver, although they're expensively priced, so expensive that I could order them from overseas and is still 1/8 of the price landed at my door, but at least I'll know where to find them if I need them urgently!

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If you want an exact equivalent - buy the exact part. If you realy want an 'equivalent', then give us an idea of the application, and/or post the schematic on your home page or some other free repository and/or include a link to it.

Otherwise download some datasheets and make an educated guess like most of us do. That then leads to expeience. And yes it costs money.

On the subject of component availability - welcome to Aus - most component vendors consider us a backwater. Farnell is expensive, but for a 'one off' repair or circuit it is often worth it.

BTW TOP-POSTING means replying 'on the top' of other peoples' posts - this is bad manners on a newsgroup.....

Phil may be bad mannered at times, but I note that he generally researches his answers and attempts to post useful information without doing the thinking for you. That's how YOU learn. Welcome to life. Whether you are offended or not is your choice.


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is bad manners on a newsgroup.....

top posting make reading responses quicker and is the preferred method of posting after cutting out other posters drivel, headers etc.. it is not used if you want to reply to specific points. not editing your post is very poor newsgroup etiquette.

that must be the understatement of the year!

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