6/1 Mbps?

Just looking for clarification on this:

"The Peak Speed of NBN Satellite Services vary depending on your location in Australia, your modem's signal strength and satellite network congestion, and could be as high as 6/1 Mbps"

I'm not sure what " 6/1 Mbps" is supposed to mean (maybe I havent had enough coffee yet)... anyone know? Maybe as high as 6 Mbps?

In a few weeks I'll be changing satellite providers, thanks to the NBN. Going from a 3GB quota to 500GB, and full satellite speed. Gonna be one hell of a difference, on my exisiting satellite connection I've yet to see even 256K after 3 years (supposed to be 512K).

I may or may not be able to see any replies later on today, as I may not even be able to connect to this or any other server after about

8AM, so forgive any lack of response :\

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Umm, 6 down, 1 up?

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Ahh... yep, that's probably it. Thanks. My NBN Satellite Service is booked for installation on 13 Feb, it'll sure beat the 11kbps I get from my so-called 512k satellite service of the past 3 years.

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megabits per second (Mbps) download and 1 Mbps

on a number of factors including the retail

the usage of the service at the same time by

Thanks for that. For the past month my max. speed on my existing satellite connection has been around 11kbps, which means a lot of sites and pages won't load at all. So I tend to pick and choose very carefully what I do on here for the time being... :\

I have a 'tentative' installation booking for Feb. 13. Hopefully they'll stick to that date, but based on when the same company installed my existing connection, they'll probably keep postponing it until they have a couple of other jobs in the area.

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