Questions I am having troubles getting answers to about 3G wireless

I have an E220 modem (7.2 mbps) I used to have an E160g When I got the faster modem I put the "3" company sim out of the E160g in it The computer now said, connected at 7.2 mbps even though the actual speed was no faster. I now wish to find the best, fastest provider (prepaid for a year) Telstra says that the E220 can not be used with them (don't know if it is true)optus says that the speed is up to max 3.6 mbps )but may increased in the future,) and all the other providers that I have been able to look up on the net say max 3.6 mbps so it appears that the higher speed modem means nothing Telstra shops can only talk about next g, nothing else seems to exist to them . I have been getting the rounds of the kitchen from every one I just want the best deal using the E220 as I already have it.

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no faster.

true)optus says that the speed is up to max

have been able to look up on the net say

I gave my granddaughter an unlocked E220 and told her to goto Exelel (Optus) had a plan for $5 a month plus usage, which was a reasonable gig rate. Regards speed see what they say, but it was a very good deal.

see what they can offer these days. Plans keep changing.

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I had the E220 with both Dodo and with Three (hutchison).

It always says it connects at 3.6 mbps but you never ever get that speed. It was about the speed of dialup all around Melbourne. Very unreliable on public transport, and frequent dropouts.

I hear that Telstra is the best way to go if you want speed...... but you pay for it.

3G service with Optus on my iPhone is about the same. Pretty crap mostly, and often unuseable.
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