WiPort problems

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Hi Embedded Group-

I'm having a problem with my Lantronix WiPort module and I'd like to hear
some non-Lantronix advice if that's possible.  I'm not an experienced user
of wireless hardware and software.

I had a very early WiPort on a WiPort eval board from 2004.  It stopped
working after a few hours of use (WLAN ACTIVITY LED is held steady on
whereas it would flash when it worked).  Lantronix tech support concluded
that it had become faulty and needed replacing.  This week obtained a new
WiPort (an updated version).  I plugged that one into my eval board and now
DeviceInstaller can't find it.  The WLAN ACTIVITY LED flashes several
seconds after I press the reset button but then it stays on all the time.
The initial flashing after reset tells me at least it's doing something but
I don't know what.  Serial port configuration of the WiPort tells me my
settings are correct.

My wireless connection is through my DSL modem/router with a wireless port
and antenna (WireSpeed model, IIRC).  The wireless config is the same as
when I successfully used the old WiPort module (channel 11, no
authentication, open system, name = LTRX_IBSS, DHCP enabled).  I'm using
WinXP.  My firewall is turned off.

The DeviceInstaller "Search" feature fails to find the WiPort.  Manual entry
of the hardware address using "Assign IP address" also fails to find it.
I'm stuck at this point.  I realize that proper configuration on both ends
of the wireless connection is absolutely necessary.  I had it working once
with the older module but I can't see why it won't work again.

I'm wondering:

1. Why would the WLEN ACTIVITY LED flash after reset and then stay steady
on?  I can't believe that WLEN activity is happening at 100% duty cycle.

2. Is it possible a neighbor's wireless network is interfering with mine?

3. Is there some WinXP config parameter that I have overlooked?

4. Could something about the previous connection to my old WiPort be stuck
in my computer and interfering with identifying my new WiPort?

I sure could use some help here.  Thanks for taking the time to help me.

John Speth.

Re: WiPort problems
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The WiPort offers a backdoor via a serial connection between the
device and your PC. You can use hyperterminal to connect to the
device. Simply hold the "x" key on your keyboard while you reboot the
WiPort device to initiate the serial configuration interface
(Lantronix should have documentation on this). This will allow you to
configure the device without requiring a working wireless connection.


Re: WiPort problems

I assume the original WiPort you had was a 802.11b radio. And the new
one you got was probably a 802.11bg radio. If you've ever torn apart
your wiport you'll notice that the B and BG radios (not manufatured by
Lantronix) are from different manufacturers.

The BG radio's Activity LED has a different function than the B
radio's Activity LED. Unfortunately for Lantronix the Dstni Chip
inside doesn't control that pin, the radio does. And since Lantronix
doesn't manufacture the radio... we are all screwed! I had the same
issue with a product I worked on.

Lantronix was going to respin the PCB and gain control of that pin,
but Lantronix is not known for there great customer service.

My recommendation is to use one of the programmable GPIO pins to
"emulate" the Activity LED.


Re: WiPort problems

I would ask the guys at GridConnect http://www.gridconnect.com/ for

The guys that work there used to work at Lantronix and have since spun
off as a distributor for Lantronix. These guys know more about the
Wiport than Lantronix does, and are very responsive when it comes to
customer service.


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