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hello you all

i've been working on an i2c communication among a unique master and
several slaves (all of them pic16f877) but a problem arose when trying
to send data from slaves to the master:

when working with a slave as transmitter, after setting sspcon2.RCEN,
the SDA line is supposed to get the value of the most significant bit
contained in SSPBUF and then shifting out the next bits with the
falling edges of the SCL line (so that the second bit of the byte to
be transmitted is shifted out with the falling edge of the first
clock pulse, the third bit with the second falling edge... and so on),
but what happens in my case is that the first bit shifted out is not
the MSB (bit 7), but the next (i.e. the sixth). With this, data like
10000000 is received by the master as 0 because the first bit shifted
out is a 0 (bit 6) and both, the first and second clock pulses read 0;
and data like 01000000 is received as 11000000 because with the first
and second clock pulses a 1 is read. Using a scope probe to view the
state of the SDA & SCL lines -simulation in proteus 6- i saw that the
first change in the bits to be shifted out is not happening at the
first falling edge of SCL but in the second....

in a former conversation i was told that maybe the problem was on two
control bits for the clock which are: polarity and phase

since the beginning i had very clear one of them:
- CKP (clock polarity) which must be set after writing sspbuf
(according to i2c specs)
but i'm not sure about the second:
- clock phase. After reading the specifications I could not find
something specific regarding that control bit, but the most similar
one i found was (please correct me if i'm wrong) CKE (clock edge
select) that, when
working in i2c mode, must be set for SMBUS specs input levels or
cleared for i2c specs input levels ...

in my code (which is based on microchip app notes 734 and 735) CKE is
always clear in the slaves, and CKP is set after writing sspbuf (as
sugested above)

but what should i check by that control bits besides that?

Sorry for not having this very clear but, as you should have noticed,
Im just a beginner...

thank you very much for your help... and patience, to read such a long


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