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short url: https://ieee-polaroid.on-a.pizza/
Retrofit a Polaroid Camera With a Raspberry Pi and a Thermal Printer
Get black-and-white images instantly, and save high-resolution color
images for later
I decided to convert a Polaroid instant camera--the sort that spits
out self-developing paper photographs--into a digital camera.
Initially, I was planning to stop there: If I wanted to print out
any of the photos I would simply grab them via a wireless
connection. But I felt that wasn't in the spirit of a Polaroid, so I
began researching printers. Once I found out that Adafruit sold the
guts of a thermal printer for US $40--just the print head and driver
board from a thermal receipt machine--I immediately knew it was
perfect for adding instant photographs.
Similar earlier project:
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or https://polaroid.on-a.pizza/
very tempted and probably has a suitable polaroid already
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