What Does Your Electronics Workshop Look Like?

With the holiday season here it is time to redo the workshop and the workbench in particular.

So, what suggestions do you have for setting up a good efficient workspace for electronics?

Here's an example that I found....

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So what does your workspace, test bench and layout look like?

Pictures and links would be great.

What has worked for you?...what hasn't?

Benches, racks, cabinets, tables, carts....

Any particular test equipment that you would recommend for or against?



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How many things do you see wrong with the picture? Hehehe

It is shamefully clean. I needed the space for the induction heater project (you can see the 450A, 250VAC, 20uF cap bank in blue). Before, it looked something like this:

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Except the other side was messy, too.


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