NOR flash erase failures - what do they look like?

If we lost power during a flash block erase on a traditional CFI NOR flash (e.g. S29AL032D) what would the resulting bit pattern likely look like? I know that the erase operation flips all bits to 1 so would it be possible to see an occasional 0 in a sea of 1s? Or would we see successive 0xFFs up to some point and then the previous content in the higher addresses?

Thanks, Andrew

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andrew queisser
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I don't know for certain but expect that the block is erased in parallel, so that you could see some, but not all bits changed from 0 to 1. More worrisome is that some of the erased bits may be barely erased, susceptable to misreading later.

You could run an experiment of interrupting erasures and looking at memory.

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