************SORRY TO KIP & ALL*********

I didn't mean to sound nasty, but if you read a lot of my posts, you can see I have done troubleshooting, & ran out of ideas! Here's a post of mine! Does it look like I have no clue, & I'm a customer??

M # KV-27TS27, was dead, replaced Q502:

2SC4927 H.O.T., Q601, 602 2SC4664 regulators, R647 ohm fusible resistor, C613 .047 uf @ 400 volts, 2.5 amp gma fuse, & D 622 is ok! Worked perfect for about 30 seconds, then po go the parts! Flyback common to go? Ideas? Rono.

Here's another post! Do you guys do these junk sets? I do!

I do a fair bit of "low end" units like Prima, Advent, Durabrand, Emerson, etc, as well as ALL well known brands, but nobody seems to have any info, on these newer units! I'm in eastern Newfoundland, Canada, & can't get any help here, locally

Here's another! Do I seem in over my head???

M # F27442 CH # CTC 203 AB4. PWM power supply blown: Q14101, 14102, 14103 shorted, horizontal output Q14401 shorted, R14108, &

14109 burnt to peices, T14401 replaced, just to be sure. Now, standby voltages ok: + 139 vdc, comes right down to + 130 vdc, but within 30 seconds or so, goes as low as + 121 vdc, horiz drive in stby is also + 139 vdc, & goes to + 83.6 vdc at turn on, but drops to + 79 vdc, at the same rate as the + 139 volts. Changed the PWM secondary diode that supplies the 139 vdc, still the same. Picture looks ok, but "swells" with video changes when changing channels, or on it's own after 30 secs or so. Ideas? Rono.

I'm not lost with no clue! Some post here, & could be killed, because they have no clue, on what their at! I help them if I can, not talk to them like their stupid!

$30/hour plus salary? Try $ 10.00/hour, with me the only Technician! We used to have as many as ten at repairs! Can't get some manufacturers on the phone, to get parts, when I know the problem! Other local Techs WILL NOT help each other! I'm one of the very few to share!

Sadly, this outdated, older Tech, ( Me, that is), repairs T.V., projection T.V., VCR, DVD, stereo, computer, monitor, frequency drives! I do all the estimates, house calls, not many per week though, I field any technical questions, & computer questions! All, with no help from anyone! It's quite frustrating! I don't have time to get a service manual, dig out the OLD scope, & spend an hour or more per unit, then find out the part I need is too costly, or no available!

We can't afford to hire someone else, as it's not that busy, & I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!!!

I will not repair in the home! Spend five minutes repairing an RCA 27" T.V. CTC 203, with a bad connection @ L14401 horiz drive coil, giving no raster/high voltage, & try asking for $ 120.00 plus tax!

I have helped quite a few on this group, some I E-mail, as they have real addresses! I don't want to work with JURB!! I love my clean safe little Province, where you can raise children safely! I don't have a credit card, to get Repair World, but i used to, & really got a lot of great info there!

Nobody FEEDS ME!!! I do it all, just by my little self, with no real help from anyone! You don't see me "CURSE".........JURB!!! I have manners, just don't like getting "spit on"!!!

READ MY POSTS!!! I'm not a customer! I'm a Technician, maybe not a great one, but I get the job done, & have less returns, them we have ever seen! We've been open 15 years! Rono.

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Geez!! Just get over it, take a vacation or something.

Regards ......... Rheilly Phoull
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Rheilly Phoull

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