Mitsubishi VS45607 Schematic Needed

Hi ! I have a Mitsubishi VS45607 that came in as a dead set. Got it running ..but NOW it keeps blowing out the convergence amps. ( I already know about the counterfit chips and made sure I used genuine parts ) The set will run fine for a couple of hours ..then the convergence will go out of wack and if left on long enough to trouble shoot the set will burn out the convergence amps.

I'm at the point NOW where I NEED the schematic. If anyone has a copy please get in touch with me . The_packrat Subject line " Mitsubishi VS45607 Schematic " Thankyou ! Bryan

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If the amps are running cool during the time "the set will run fine for a couple of hours", I'd check the convergence generator area for a bad connection. Since this TV uses standard STKs, any schematic you may have that uses the same amps will show the pin outs of the STKs. I'd run the TV without the amps, and scope the input signals when it's been running a while. I'd also carefully check the +/- supplies, as loss of one can cause the STKs to run hot and fail.


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  1. Is there a significant amount of DC at the C yokes ? This is an inductive load and even a volt or two will heat the ICs up.

  1. Have you COMPLETELY cleaned the heatsink and applied a BEAD of HS compound in a line directly between the mounting holes ? (even though they dont use them)

This might help you :

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Also, John is absolutely correct that the WF generator could be scewing up, like dumping DC into the STKs. That little piece of the, I'd rather not say. Please let me know when you've DLed it. I need to take it down. it's a copyright violation and I don't intend to keep it up. Please get it quickly and save it. Acrobat reader 4 has no problems with it.

Those sets also have a two (or more) sided signal board, and unlike the old PC board problems, on a two sided board sometimes the problem will occur hot rather than cold.


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